Tailored for you

T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions offers a wide selection of steam turbine & generator models from different manufacturers. Turbine / Generators are tailored for operational needs of the plant as well as budgetary needs of our esteem customer. T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions’s persistence for latest technologies ensures that the best feasible equipment will always be selected based on excellence performance, quality, reliability and durability.

How it works

Our state-of-the-art generators are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest European / Japanese / Brazilian technology, with high efficiency for maximum power generation. The generators T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions offered are advantageous with their compact sizes, noise reduction and compliance to local regulations on Total Harmonic Distortion, with lower unit weight that facilitates easy installation, commissioning, maintenance and inspection.

Best performance

The brushless designed synchronous generators are equipped with digital excitation system to comply with stringent requirements on voltage variation of ±10%, voltage regulation of ≤0.25%, voltage imbalance, reactive power and power factor control. Permanent Magnet Generators can be offered for the purpose of pilot generation to improve voltage waveform, reduce voltage distortion, positive voltage built up, ability to sustain short circuit current in the event of fault, less voltage imbalance etc.

Turbine 2

3 Main Types of Turbines

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