T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions

T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions (TS Energy) is a leading provider of renewable biomass and solar energy solutions in Southeast Asia, delivering sustainable energy today for the interests and needs of the future.

The company was established with the absolute conviction of its founder, Danny Hoon, that we do not have to deplete the world’s resources, but can harness solar and biomass energy to generate power in cost-effective, efficient and sustainable ways from resources that would otherwise be wasted.


Headquartered in Singapore, TS Energy has successfully developed and integrated biomass co-generation power plants in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia for diverse industrial applications. Its commitment to the highest quality and safety standards has resulted in close partnerships being formed with our principle – ERK Boiler, as well as customers placing their trust in TS Energy once again to commission their next cycle of power plant.


Our Grate combustion technology for the power plant i.e., Reciprocating Grates, Overthrust Grates; are design by our principle. These are the heart of the power plants which allow the thermal use of almost every kind of combustible biomass for over the years.

With years of experience, our reference plants are spread across the region in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand with expansions in other parts of Southeast Asia.

By adding solar energy and waste-to-energy solutions to its portfolio, TS Energy has set a path to providing a greater choice for its customers to generate clean renewable energy that empowers responsible end users and conserves our environment for the generations to come.

Our Vision

At T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions, we have set our vision to deliver globally excellent and affordable solution to turn biomass waste to cleaner green energy cogeneration power plant systems for our diverse customers.

Our Commitment

Our team and core principals are committed to designing, affordable and environmentally safe power plants to protect the natural environment else if not to improve on the environment for future generations.

With constant new technologies and environmental issues; our team are constantly improving our system design to stay on top with our competitors.

Our Recognition

Thailand Energy Awards 2008

On-Grid Category – Mungcharoen Green Power Co. Ltd

7th Asean Renewable Energy Project Competition 2008

On-Grid Category - Mungcharoen Green Power Co. Ltd

8th Asean Renewable Energy Project Competition 2009

Cogeneration Category – Felda Palm Industries Sdn Bhd