Wide range

T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions’s Electrical, Instrumentation and control (E,I&C) team provide a comprehensive range of electrical, instrumentation and control services to various sectors.

How it works

Our specialist E&I engineers have the expertise, resource and technical knowledge to deliver your project to the highest standard from initial concept through to design, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Best performance

T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions’s Electrical, Instrumentation and Control System concept achieves the most economical and reliable solution, including efficient interface-handling throughout the entire lifetime of the industrial facility, including: consulting, feasibility studies, chance and risk management, proposal, project management and execution, deliveries, installation and commissioning, operation and service management.

E&I System Architecture Concept
020316 100% load - 1 (EIC)

Electrical System

  • HT/LT Switchgears
  • Transformers
  • Generators with digital excitation systems
  • Isochronous loading, load shedding, import/export control of MW/MVAR with utilities and plant load 
  •  Other sub-station equipment

Control & Instrumentation System

  • Distributed Control Systems(DCS) with open architecture, OPC compliant etc.
  • Hybrid DCS system with advanced features like neuro-fuzzy controls
  • Internet based remote monitoring system for the plant DCS
  • PLC with software complying with latest IEC1131-3 standards, Internet-based access/control
  • Comprehensive maintenance management software fully integrated with plant control system
  • Customised reports, interface with office IT systems
  • Asset management solutions
  • SMART instruments complying with HART, PROFIBUS, and FOUNDATION FIELDBUS protocol