Boiler System

Wide range

Corner Tube Single Drum industrial boilers by T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions/ERK for steam, hot water and thermal oil are recognized worldwide by other renowned manufacturers for their performances and pressures.


T.S. Renewable Energy Solutions is a licensee for ERK Germany boilers. ERK which started more than 80 years ago, is an engineering company offering licenses to manufacture Eckrohrkessel Boilers.


Boiler System


  • Self-supporting construction
  • Good fit to space requirements
  • Stable, self-supporting framework with downcomers, headers & tube walls welded together to a gas-tight tube cage
  • Low Maintenance


  • Quick start-up
  • Self-supporting construction
  • Low pressure variations at turndown
  • High steam purity
  • Good fit to space requirements
  • Fast & simple erection with few site welds